Privacy and Compliance

At Health New England, our leaders and associates strive to create and maintain a culture of integrity and compliance in all business activities. Our mission is to improve the health and life of the people in our communities. As part of this mission, Health New England leaders and associates endorse and support their commitment to act ethically and responsibly, obey the law, and report undesirable or unacceptable behavior.

Health New England’s compliance function reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors. The compliance function independently reviews, investigates, reports, and can escalate issues to the Board of Directors as required. Our Compliance Hotline is also always available to our members, associates, and other constituents. The hotline can be used to obtain confidential ethics and compliance advice or to report unethical behavior.

If you believe, in good faith, that something Health New England or an Health New England associate is doing is illegal or unethical, please report your concerns, you may report your concerns anonymously.

Jason M. Rio, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer

To contact Health New England Compliance:
Ethics/Compliance Hotline: (800) 453-3959
Code of Conduct

It is Health New England’s policy to conduct its business in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations and to assure that Health New England operates in a manner consistent with the letter and the spirit of the laws. To learn more, read our Code of Conduct.

Acceptable Use Policy

Health New England’s Acceptable Use Policy outlines the acceptable use of computer equipment, network, systems and data. This policy is in place to protect the user and Health New England. To learn more, read the fullAcceptable Use Policy.